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Spiritual Fitness

Spiritual fitness holds different meanings for different people. To achieve a state of well being that includes the significance of life, values, beliefs, ethics, experiences and awareness beyond oneself,  connection with a higher power and reflection on life are important to any people. Yet the constructs of how these qualities incorporate in one’s life, are […]

The Wonderful World of Tapping

The technical term, Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT), is a method used to guide people to achieve greater personal freedom built on the same principles used for thousands of years with acupuncture, but without the needles. The main school of thought resides within the teachings of Energy Psychology. Some 5,000 years ago the Chinese discovered a […]

What is the life of your body like?

Would you like to have more energy? Feel more alive and vibrant? How about a consistent fitness routine?  Most of us would. So what’s blocking our energetic flow? Is it the “must have been something I ate” story again? That’s part of it for sure. And there is also the developed habit of how we […]

What are good eats anyway?

I’m talking about the kind of food that tastes good, feels good and does a body good. You known the “N” word? That’s right, nutrition. It’s said that nutrition is the new longevity. Ask anyone who has been practicing it for a while, and they’ll tell you. Let’s pose another question? How do I know […]