What are good eats anyway?

I’m talking about the kind of food that tastes good, feels good and does a body good. You known the “N” word? That’s right, nutrition. It’s said that nutrition is the new longevity. Ask anyone who has been practicing it for a while, and they’ll tell you.

Let’s pose another question?

How do I know if the food I’m eating is healthy for me or not?

Well, something to consider is, what kind of relationship do I have with food?

Is it nourishing or nurturing?

Eating food needs to nourish our bodies. If we eat to “feel better” because something is bothering us, then we may want to look deeper into what the matter is and address that specifically. Bottom line it is often: what’s eating you that causes you to eat.

As far as relating with food, most people have some kind of personal connection with eating. It is after all, most likely the number one means of social interaction, though there are many who replace connecting with others with connecting with food…in any case, evaluating how you relate with food could be an activity worth evaluating.

Shortly, there will be a brief quiz which will pose questions for you to simply consider regarding your relationship with food. There is no right or wrong, just something to chew on. J

First, let’s address how to recognize if the food you’re eating is healthy or not.

The body knows best!

Our bodies are magnificent mechanisms. I often refer to it as: my body temple. Simply, our body will let us know if what we are eating or drinking is doing it good or not.  Another key question is, are we paying attention to what our body is telling us?

The cravings that are brought on by eating certain foods are a clear indication of a chemical response from the brain. The “feel good” transmitters, aka serotonin, may be low. Hunger pangs are also caused by the effects of malabsorption due to an imbalanced metabolism.

Elimination of refined sugar and eating plenty of organic, plant based veggies are major components to cultivating a healthy nutrient rich body.

Now let’s move on to the quiz I mentioned earlier. As previously stated, these questions are for self evaluation, you may share with another / others if you choose, it’s up to you. Be as straight forward with yourself as you can :)

How do you feel eating in front of others?

  • Eating in front of others doesn’t affect my food choices or behaviors.
  • I barely eat or choose something small. I can’t stand for others to watch me eat.
  • I feel “forced” to make healthier choices because  others are watching.

How often do you eat mindlessly?

  • Very often. I usually “regain consciousness” when the whole bag or container is gone.
  • Almost never. I pre-portion my servings and eat without distraction.
  • Occasionally,  I may snack while watching TV or using the computer.

It’s very to me that the foods I eat are as delicious as possible.

  • Don’t agree at all.
  • Agree somewhat.
  • Strongly agree.

Do you feel you can never get enough of these foods?

  • True
  • False

When you want the food you love and can’t get it, how do you feel?

  • Slightly annoyed.
  • Moderately frustrated.
  • Very upset.

You consistently feel depressed after eating certain foods.

  • True
  • False.

What are those foods?

You weigh yourself and found you gained two pounds since last week, what do you do?

  • Nothing. I know that weight generally fluctuates.
  • Get depressed and scrutinize every decision I made in the last week, and try to pinpoint what went wrong.
  • Feel a little frustrated and sigh because I’ve been working so hard.

What factor is most important to you when choosing what to eat?

  • Calories
  • Portion size
  • Nutrition

I love the taste of certain foods so much that I can’t avoid eating them, even if they’re bad for me.

  • Don’t agree at all.
  • Somewhat agree.
  • Strongly agree.

It’s scary to think of the power food has over me.

  • Don’t agree at all.
  • Agree somewhat.
  • Strongly agree.

Do you give up other activities you might enjoy in order to get and eat the foods you love?

  • True
  • False

One of the most challenging aspects of changing unhealthy eating habits is to admit to ourselves that some or most of the foods we are eating is, not only unhealthy, but potentially dangerous. Food addiction can feel like a daunting process and oftentimes a lonely one, however, it doesn’t have to be. There are many people out there just like you who want to change their eating patterns and more folks are realizing that building a support system is a tremendous asset.

Find local vegetarian/vegan/raw restaurants in your area to patronize. Health food stores and farmers markets are also excellent resources for purchasing healthy, organic, plant based foods. Remember: green is good!

There is an online social networking organization called, Meet Up, that offers a plethora of meetings for all sorts of interactive activities for nutrition and health & wellness gatherings.

What a way to start the day!

We’ve all heard the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All meals are significant to one’s health and well being, breakfast absolutely included. I will share a delicious smoothie recipe with you shortly.

First, I’d like to encourage and explain why drinking at least a liter, (4.2 cups) of spring water is the best way to start your day. It is critical to flushing out and cleansing the body to be as hydrated as possible. To begin each day with drinking outs of water helps to set the flushing process in motion. More weight loss actually takes place by the water assisting with bowel movements.

Now… time for that super smoothie recipe. This is one of many delicious healthy, alkaline drinks I will be sharing with you. Also, after drinking water, a great way to begin the day to send you off feeling satisfied and fortified ready for what may come your way!


Morning & Midday                                           

Tropical Mango Magic                                     Breakfast calories = 1015


2 mangos

1 banana

1 pint blueberries

6 kale leaves

2 handfuls spinach

3-4 springs cilantro

½ of ginger

½ lemon

1 avocado



Blend. Drink half and save the other half for lunch.

Each one of us has different caloric needs so if you need more, make more.



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